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Meet Our Foundation
Lula Mae Gay


The LMG Foundation was established in 2019 with the premise of continuing the legacy of Lula Mae Gay. Lula Mae Gay was the great-grandmother of Co-Founder, Chiquta Harris and raised her from infancy until adulthood. Lula’s humble beginnings began in Alabama and she was instrumental in raising 3 generations within her family.


Many of her family members will say that she did so successfully although she had limited education and financial means to do so. Lula did not allow these limitations to inhibit her and instead, her countless sacrifices have contributed to many of her family members living successful lives. 

After her passing in 2010, the Founders wanted to find a way to commemorate her memory and continue to pass along her immense sense of generosity while also propelling the importance of education. They firmly believed that if an African American woman, born in the South in the 1930s was able to have such an immense impact on so many with so little, imagine the impact they could have using even more. 

From this understanding is how the LMG Foundation was established – to continue to have the greatest impact one can possibly have on the lives of others, no matter the limitations. 

Since 2019, we have continued to see the truth from foundational elements of Lula's genuine heart of servitude continue to live on and influence others today. 

LMG Foundation Scholarship

Meet Our Founders

For us, our faith and family are the core of everything we do. Working together with our Board members and with our students over these past years has been such a blessed experience. From every application, to the interviews and the mentorship calls, it has tremendously encouraged us to seek out ways we can continue to contribute to the next generation.


We are constantly in awe of the people God send our way and count it as a blessing to be His hands and feet in this space. We look forward to seeing how we continue to expand in the years to come. 

Chiquta Harris


I am Chiquta, Founder, and Director of the LMG Foundation. Through my humble beginnings, I’ve been able to complete undergraduate, graduate, and some doctoral-level coursework in clinical research and public health.


I’ve spent roughly ten years working on various clinical trials with top pharmaceutical companies. Besides this, I considered my most significant impact to be that garnered through my philanthropic work.


I thoroughly enjoy meeting so many students from all across the globe and learning more about their desires to change not only the world but also their communities and families.

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Jay Harris


I’m Jay Harris and I’m on the Board of Directors for the LMG Foundation. I am retired from the Marine Corps, have received dual degrees in Business and Cybersecurity, and amassed a number of professional certifications ranging from finance to tech to sales.


I have worked with some of the top companies in these fields while also running businesses of my own. Entrepreneurship has always been a passion of mine as I view it as an opportunity to create a beautiful masterpiece in a myriad of ways while utilizing your talents and skills.


Apart from this, I have found joy in dedicating my time and resources to helping the next generation of leaders build their own bridges to success.

Our Core

Beliefs and Missions

As a Christian organization, one of our core foundational beliefs is to effectively use our God-given tools, no matter the size, to impact the lives of others.


We use this belief to establish our mission of fostering educational excellence not only through funding but also through meaningful connections, addressing critical needs, providing exposure to opportunities, and catalyzing expansion for aspiring scholars.

Vision and Values

We at the LMG Foundation believe that there is no limit to what an individual can achieve when offered the right opportunity and a fostering environment.

Additionally, we firmly believe that contrary to what some may think or feel, combining our differences and unique qualities and abilities can have a dramatic impact on our communities and the world around us. 


A unique component that sets the LMG Foundation apart from other scholarship organizations is our mentorship and coaching program. Unlike other scholarship programs, we do not desire to provide education funding but also to guide and provide additional resources to our recipients for one academic year. We believe that funding, along with guidance, can help ensure that our students are provided with additional tools and resources to ensure their overall success. 

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