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Building a Legacy

These remarkable men and women have shared their stories of triumph over adversity and the relentless pursuit of knowledge throughout the year with us. They are the living embodiment of the change that education can bring, and their stories serve as beacons of hope for future generations. We consider it a complete honor and blessing to be able to partner with our wonderful recipients from the last 5 years. We look forward to seeing how they will continue to impact others.


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Riya, a determined Texas high school senior bound for NYU, overcomes family challenges to pursue Music Theory and Composition in Film Scoring. Her journey, shaped by her father's recovery and a dedication to service, fuels her ambition to champion female empowerment in the entertainment industry.
Passionate about leveraging her education and connections, Riya aspires to redefine norms for female composers.

Riya K.

2023 Recipient


Candace G. is a multifaceted visionary in the realm of digital art, embarking on an exploration of illustration, animation, and graphic design, envisioning a future as an inventive creator across diverse artistic mediums.
With an eclectic background spanning ballet, martial arts, STEM programs, sports, robotics, and volunteer work across multiple universities, she harnesses a wealth of experiences to fuel her unwavering drive towards a life of excellence and creative mastery.

Candace G.

2022 Recipient

Victoria is driven by a fervent commitment to social equity, harnessing her expertise in computer science to craft a program illuminating the nuanced challenges faced by minorities, focused on education and understanding privilege. With a vision for a fairer society, she seeks to channel her programming skills into roles within companies dedicated to identifying and addressing major threats, contributing her expertise to fortify against significant societal challenges.

Victoria T.

2021 Recipient

Isaiah is a Senior at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University studying Mechanical Engineering. He's deeply involved with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as a coordinator and has served on its executive board for two years. Additionally, he holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certification.
As an intern at Pike Engineering, he worked on system protection and reliability using Python and CYMDIST for electronic distribution infrastructure. Post-graduation, he'll join Schneider Electric's Development Program while pursuing his passion for music and musical scores, which were significant hobbies during his college years.

Isaiah P. 

2020 Recipient

Where Are They Now?

Candace, a sophomore majoring in Illustration, Animation, and Graphic Design, flourished after receiving the LMG Scholarship. Financial support allowed her to excel academically, achieving straight A’s and making the Dean’s list twice. She pursued comic book work and a print shop role, landing another university scholarship and having her art showcased internationally. Her newfound goal: securing her dream job.
Candace advises pursuing passion, turning the impossible into reality. Grateful for the scholarship's impact, she visited Japan and now aims to empower future scholars. Her advice echoes: pursue joy in your career and persist in achieving dreams.

Major/field of study:
Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design


Still not sure if the LMG Foundation is the right fit for your educational needs? Don't just take our word for it. See what previous recipients have shared about their experience with the LMG Foundation. 

College Students
"I attend a private Christian school that I wouldn’t be able to attend without help from scholarships, so LMG helped to make my college experience possible. I also loved the mentorship aspect - that is so incredibly needed today (especially for college students) so I’m so grateful for Chiquta and the way that she poured into me all through my freshman year."

Kaylie B.

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